Bringing Stories

to Life



Annie Levy 

Annie is sought after for her ability to see the best of who and what we are and communicate that to a variety of audiences.  She is hired by leaders in different sectors to tell the stories of their ideas, organizations and people in words and images to connect, inspire, and move people to action.   Seeing the gold – what to say,  and crafting the message – how to say it. 

She and her “Made Visible” team have over 15 years of experience in telling the stories of remarkable people, organizations and endeavors.  Visit “The Projects” to learn more about the different ways in which they have brought each to life.

Annie’s work finds its final home in different settings  –  written form,  images,  digital exhibits and presentations, program design, videos and events.  All to engage existing audiences, develop new ones and inspire people to action.   She tells stories of great things – making visible  people, companies and bold endeavors to create change. 

Please contact Annie to discuss the variety of ways in which we can help bring your story to life. 




















































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